At CEFC we are committed to living every aspect of our lives for Christ. Whether we are at home or work, with our neighbors, or in our community, we want to live with a focus on the person of Jesus Christ. We want our relationship with Christ to affect the way we do everything – to motivate diligence and honesty at work, and love, acceptance and forgiveness with friends, co-workers, family, and the world at large. We want to be involved in our community, helping others with their physical and spiritual needs, teaching them about the God of the Bible.

[email protected]: To be a disciple of Christ is to first be a believer in the divine redemptive power of His death and resurrection and then be one who follows the teachings of Jesus and lives in obedience to His commands. The purpose of discipleship is to provide a path for believers to become committed followers of Christ who live out the kind of example that Jesus modeled and described through his teachings.


We believe that living all of life for Christ happens by giving priority to three things...

Christ calls us to Grow continually in an ongoing, personal and growing relationship with Him.

[email protected]: Participating in weekly Worship Services and attending any of our Classes or Bible Studies is a great way to Grow and lay a strong foundation for spiritual maturity.
God did not create us to do life alone. We believe in relationships that encourage and Build each other up in Christ.

[email protected]Join a Life Group or other community of believers at CEFC where you can build meaningful relationships with others.
God gifts us and sends us out to Serve the world He loves.

[email protected]: Finding out how God shaped you to Serve and regularly putting your faith in action is one of the greatest blessings in life.